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We are leaders in Spanish language education and cultural experience.

Our goal is that you can achieve the best experience in México and improve your Spanish.

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We’ve been working with well-known and respected organizations and agencies worldwide, taking part in important events concerning youth travel, study abroad, and language conferences.

To ensure that you learn Spanish as quickly and as well as possible and enhance your learning experience, we recommend combining any of our Spanish programs with living in a Mexican home and taking cultural activities such as cooking classes and field trips.

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We’ve received several groups from different Universities and Colleges.

Our program has been approved by the Educational Bureau of the State of Querétaro.


Immersion Programs

Find the right program for you

Take advantage of total immersion programs were you can combine Spanish language classes with cultural classes, extra activities, field trips and living accommodations in a Mexican home.

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Just Me

Find the right program for you.

Travel, learn and experience the Mexican culture. Small groups, no more than 5 students per…

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Me And Others

If you are a group and need a special program

Travel, learn and experience the Mexican culture.Olé offers courses specially designed …


About Querétaro


We could give you many reasons to visit Querétaro, but the truth is that we would never end: the good weather all year round, the warmth of its people, its gastronomy, its historical relevance and its insurmountable landscapes, are just some examples.


Executive Spanish

If you work or are planning to work with Spanish speaking countries, learning Spanish will enable you to communicate better with employees or colleagues. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to offer your product or service to all the many people who speak Spanish? In order to communicate successfully in your profession, we offer you basic or business Spanish courses for you or your team.


DELE Certificate

Take your Spanish to the next level DELE Diploma



Spanish Online

Practice or learn spanish online with an OLÉ teacher, choose your schedule


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We are leader in Spanish language education and cultural experience.